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  • Buttons 'N' Bows
  • 2 Great Stores Button 'N' Bows and Button 'N' Bows 2
  • Phone Number: 812-576-3405 or 765-458-5465
  • Display Address: Metamora, Indiana
  • Country Peddlers of Metamora
  • Established in 1972, the Country Peddlers of Metamora offers a magnificent selection of seasonal decor for the home.
  • Phone Number: 765 647 3558
  • Display Address: Metamora, Indiana
  • Grannie's Cookie Jars & Ice Cream Parlor
  • Inside seating available or sit outside under the gourds and enjoy your ice cream treat. Watch the horse drawn canal boat glide up and down the canal.
  • Phone Number: 765-647-1966
  • Display Address: Metamora, Indiana
  • Holiday Shop
  • Where Old and New Come Together
  • Phone Number: 812-212-3869
  • Display Address: Metamora, Indiana
  • Mystic Mouse
  • You will not believe the all the Homemade Decorations to help celebrate your favorite season.
  • Phone Number: 513-202-9199
  • Display Address: Indiana
  • The Smelly Gourmet
  • Not only is this a fun place, but you'll find some of the most amazing handcrafted items.
  • Display Address: Metamora, Indiana
  • The Tin Shop
  • Phone Number: 765-647-4532
  • Display Address: Metamora, Indiana
  • The Wooden Melon
  • Handcrafted rustic/country furnishings and accessories
  • Phone Number: 513-315-0569
  • Display Address: Metamora, Indiana
  • Woodshack
  • Phone Number: 765-647-2371
  • Display Address: Metamora, Indiana
  • Woodworks, Etc.
  • Phone Number: 765-647-4462
  • Display Address: Lavigne, Ontario
  • Words and Images / The Train Place
  • Antique business in the heart of Metamora, Indiana's Canal Town. Specializing in kerosene lamps and lanterns, cast iron cookware, model trains, railroad memorabilia, vintage kitchenware's and books.
  • Phone Number: 765-647-1212
  • Display Address: Metamora, Indiana

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