Wolf Creek Habitat & Rescue, Inc.

Wolf Creek Habitat is here to educate young & old about the Wolf. All visitors are welcome on the weekends

It is important that you know we are not a Zoo facility.

And as much as we want to teach children about these magnificent creatures if they are too young to understand, we feel that this would be a better experience for adults that want to sit among the wolves. This of course cannot be done if you bring children, because at any time they can not be left unattended. If you have no desire to sit with the wolves, it’s still important to know that even though some of the wolves will come up to the fence, they are very nervous around small children. This is only because of the children’s loud voices and quick movements. If bringing small children they must know to be very quiet and still and please no running !! Never at any time let them leave your side. This is for the safety of both you and your children. We want your time here to be an experience you will never forget. Feel free to bring a chair and camera and sit back and enjoy the sounds of the wild. As Native American music plays in the background your greatest memory
will be when the wolves Bless you with a song. Come, enjoy and walk away with a whole new respect for an animal that has been longing to be respected.

  • Address: 14099 Wolf Creek Rd, Brookville, IN 47012, USA 
  • Phone: 1-513-312-9143 (Cell) 
  • Website: wolfcreekhabitat.org