Tranquility Massage By Shelley

A variety of massages that cater to you!

Stretch Massage, 90 Minute massage, Hot Stone Massage, Therapeutic Massage & Swedish Massage.  Call now for an appointment!

All Prices are subject to change without notice!!!!!

Stretch massage

30 minutes • $45
Designed to press, pull, stretch and manipulate the body in a manner to affect both joints and soft tissue

90 minute massage

1 hours 30 minutes • $113
Slow strokes using Swedish and therapeutic techniques

Hot Stone

1 hours • $90
Heated stones are used to enhance a nurturing harmonious treat to the muscles, tissue and well-being


50 minutes • $75
Slow strokes with deeper pressure in areas of the body suffering from chronic muscle tension or pain


50 minutes • $65
Classic style using soothing gentle strokes of pressure to promote balance and harmony
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