Metamora Museum Of Oddities

The Dark Shadow Museum...Do not go gently into the dark shadow!

GROUP TOURS are encouraged. Please call the Director Paul Hendricks at 812-583-6361

The Dark Shadow Museum is a reflection of the night sky of our minds, the shadow side of our mental “daytime” of reason and hard fact. Like the night sky it contains mystery, beauty, enchantment and horror. It is a special place offering a huge area of human speculation about things man believes and that exist beyond the threshold of our ordinary day to day existence, our normal trudging from birth to death.
This collection is not an attempt to convince anyone to believe in anything, but to explain the structure of ideas built by man in the past and in which man continues to build today. You must decide for yourself where truth and value lie.
Each object (Oddity) in the 2000+ item collection is unique. It is a rare educational opportunity to view arifacts not to be seen or collected any place else in the world.
Take an opportunity to sit on the 6th step on the stairs leading to the upstairs of the old Masonic Lodge. Some feel a presence watching over them. You decide!

  • Address: 75 Main Street, Metamora, Indiana 47030 
  • Phone: 8125836361