Franklin County, Indiana

2024 St. Patrick’s Day Specials

The Martindale House St. Patrick’s Day Party – starts at 11:00 am!

Third Place Brookville is hosting live music March 13 – 16!

Hilltop Restaurant’s Sham-Rock Party – March 16 at 8:00 pm

Join Metamora at noon at The Martindale House for their Annual St. Patty’s Day parade through the Canal Town! You can join in the fun and be part of the parade! They will wind around town and finish up at Grannies back porch for Corn beef and etc.

Pioneer Restaurant & Lounge featuring Frog Legs, Green Beer, & Hillbilly Music

2024 St. Patrick’s Day Specials
Franklin County
, IN 47012

Phone: 765-647-6522

Pioneer Restaurant & Lounge
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