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Lighting up the Valley

The Whitewater Valley is ablaze with Christmas! As usual, the good folks in the valley have come together to offer a Christmas drive for you and your family that will surely get you all into the Christmas Spirit. Below is a map that shows the general location and a list of the addresses (use your GPS to look up the exact location and directions) of the households and communities that have entered our contest this year. Many more who did not enter the contest, but joined in the fun, are along the way as you travel to each mapped home and community. When you study the map you will find a couple of dots that seem to be all alone…..make sure you visit these dots, they are worth the trip all by themselves! We guarantee you won’t be disappointed! There are many other Christmas activities happening in the Whitewater Valley as well. Watch our Facebook page for updates or cancellations (due to this awful COVID virus) of all of the regional activities. Yes the Whitewater Valley is the place to enjoy the Christmas season. Have a wonderful Christmas this year!!

Lighting up the Valley

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Lighting up the ValleyLighting up the Valley
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